An Introduction

The Anthem Of the Permanent Vacationer

If x is time

And y is space

When x meets y

Bridges are built

Within the brain,

My rushing train,

I am a trav’ller

Of time and space

Not here, nor there. Everywhere.

Permanent vacationer

On board the dreams, awake

Whose home is on the moon

And head in the stars,

Heading the clouds.

Food for thought.

In the sense that Mother Nature is an artistic expression herself,

A source of inspiration from whom dawns on us enlightened ones great ideas,

Encrypted knowledge, encrypted power,

Patterns, colors, ratios, structures and shapes, to name a few,

Anything artistic is food for thought, an invitation to which the senses respond,

Inspired to create (like God is).

Consider this photograph below: (mention who where when)

This photograph was taken in the context of Man’s quest for reaching higher skies, Man on a spaceship to the stars.

This image, they say, captures “a small step for Man, giant step for humanity”. Whether this is REAL or a montage of some sort, the song remains the same: We live and survive for the sake of expanding the boundaries of space and defying time.

Back to the image, or photograph, or photomontage: the point here is through art, Man expresses his quest, his dreams and aspirations.

The masterpiece isn’t having stepped foot on foreign ground as much as having found a way to plan, achieve and create (from within the mind to the physical world). Furthermore, and communicate.

What’s in our minds is now shared for others to see. Follow and lead.

Art is a tool of expression.

Art is a tool of communication.

Art is the platform and playground of our dreams. The vehicle by which we feel, break borders, reach new lands within our deepest self, within our minds. Imagine and it’s real.

Elaborating the How-to:

–       The senses respond to what they see/ hear/ etc.

–       Windows of the soul kept inside the body are poked.

–       Knock knock and they open up, infiltrating Light, brightness.

–       The reaction that follows is “feeling” (good, relaxed, worried, etc.)

–       The art supports and media to which we respond is no more no less than the platform for launching. To shift/travel from one state of mind to another.

–       As we head through, passengers of the rushing train, we catch glimpses of the film that intelligence plays in the back of our brains. Better yet, we create it through art. REALITY is the fabric of our imagination. Beyond from within. Welcome home.Screen shot 2013-05-11 at 11.40.33 PM